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Empire Trick Shot Thursday - 1/5/17

Trick Shot Thursday*** The answer to yesterday's quiz is to use the 1 which is interfering and come down through at a 45 degree angle while splitting the difference of where they are tethered and where you need to kick. If that jumbled sentence doesn't make sense you can always come down and ask for help with your interference balls.

Empire Trick Shot Thursday - 12/8/16

Sometimes the celebration is just as impressive as the shot... this is not one of those moments. Come down and get your practice on, see you soon!

Empire Trick Shot Thursday - 11/10/16

Kick bank shots and force follows. If you don't have a working concept of these things you need to get down here and practice. See you soon!

Empire Trick Shot Thursday - 11/3/16

Have you ever cut a ball so thin it didn't even move? Bet they called a foul on you, punks. Learn to cut it a little less thin and you can make impossible shots like this. See you soon!

Empire Trick Shot Thursday - 10/27/16

Round and round it goes, having a good concept of geometry and the interplay of rails will help you on 3, 4, 5, even 6 rail shots. Study up, see you soon!

Empire Trick Shot Thursday - 10/20/16

Do you masse, jump, or kick? Here are some prime examples of how adding any of these to your bag of tricks can help you become a better player.

Empire Trick Shot Thursday - 9/29/16

Most people forget that you can shoot directly into a rail with different english and angles to avoid fouling and still get out. Check the examples in this weeks practical trick shots.

Empire After Hours - Accountability

In this snippet of Empire After Hours, Chad and Cody talk about accountability and rubbing it in their high school friends faces.

Empire Trick Shot Thursday - 8/25/16

Trick Shot Thursday*** Sean Pesnell shows how accurate use of english and rails can bend you around trouble balls. Realistically there wasn't much use for it on this shot, but you can come down to the bar and argue your point. See you soon!

Empire After Hours - Opening Week

Chad and Cody talk about porta-potties, bankruptcy, and customer loyalty. Empire has come a long way in the first year thanks to all of our friends.

Empire Trick Shot Thursday - 8/4/16

Trick Shot Thursday*** From the vault of impractical trick shots, Cody Henr does his best impersonation of Pool Hall Junkies. Send us your recreations of classic movie 'trick' shots. See you soon!

Empire Trick Shot Thursday - 7/21/16

Cody Henry with an impractical trick shot. If the leave is ever 4 balls to the side in a single row, go home and say your prayers, the World is ending.