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Empire Trick Shot Thursday - 3/2/17

If you hit the balls slowly, the throw will take them off course, but strike them hard enough and the throw won't take. Pool 101.

Empire Trick Shot Thursday - 1/5/17

Trick Shot Thursday*** The answer to yesterday's quiz is to use the 1 which is interfering and come down through at a 45 degree angle while splitting the difference of where they are tethered and where you need to kick. If that jumbled sentence doesn't make sense you can always come down and ask for help with your interference balls.

Empire Trick Shot Thursday - 12/8/16

Sometimes the celebration is just as impressive as the shot... this is not one of those moments. Come down and get your practice on, see you soon!

Empire Trick Shot Thursday - 12/1/16

With enough force a direct hit to the rail can bring the shot back as a jump. We love this shot, but don't suggest you try it here... see you soon!

Empire Trick Shot Thursday - 11/17/16

Simple 3 rail shot. You should be able to make this 50% of the time, and make contact 80% of the time. If you aren't at that level, we will see you soon!

Empire Trick Shot Thursday - 11/3/16

Have you ever cut a ball so thin it didn't even move? Bet they called a foul on you, punks. Learn to cut it a little less thin and you can make impossible shots like this. See you soon!

Empire Trick Shot Thursday - 10/27/16

Round and round it goes, having a good concept of geometry and the interplay of rails will help you on 3, 4, 5, even 6 rail shots. Study up, see you soon!

Empire Trick Shot Thursday - 10/20/16

Do you masse, jump, or kick? Here are some prime examples of how adding any of these to your bag of tricks can help you become a better player.

Empire Trick Shot Thursday - 9/8/16

Quick and easy way to get around a trouble ball when you're too close to jump and have no clear lanes to kick... just bend the ball like you're Efren.